Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Aitkins and Tilesey

One of my particular interests is sports nutrition. Due to my quite sporty based life style and high calorie usage, I do have to watch what I eat in order to keep myself healthy - something I’ve neglected to do of late due to the house and now I have my first cold in 8 months. I am a lot more conscious now of what I’m eating than I was a few years ago and my body is thanking me for it. I’ve also lost a stone in excess weight and have bulked up, grrr manly.

Anyway, Hannabella is now going on the Aitkins diet.

This really fucks me off.

1.) The Aitkins diet may make you lose weight (mainly water), but you also lose a lot of the good bits of your body and can really fuck yourself up.

2.) We all know and regularly tell Han, if she cut down on the beer intake then she'd lose weight. You have to cut out beer on Aitkins, so she will lose weight - but she'll thank Aitkins and not us!

Han does so much exercise, even more than me (although she does have a lot more spare time, student!), and she has lost a lot of weight but obviously feels she needs to lose more.

Aitkins is SO not the way for her to lose weight. She is a student who drinks a lot, she also does a lot of sport. Both of these together mean she:

Hurts her kidneys and liver due to excess alcohol intake
Is permanently fighting off dehydration due to sports + hangovers
Needs to have a higher calorific intake than normal people
Puts a lot more pressure on high bones and joints
And because she does (small!) weights and lots of running, she needs protein to help repair and replace the muscle.

And in a nicely ordered list, the side effects of Aitkins:

Possible kidney problems
Ketosis (high levels of blood acids)
Potassium and calcium depletion,
Muscle weakening

I can draw you pictures if you like...!

Hannabella, please stop being so stupid (and filling up the fridge with cream and other crap) and just cut out beer from your diet. Each pint you consume contains as many calories as a mars bar, just cut out beer (which you have to do for Aitkins anyway!) and I promise you’ll lose weight.

Fucking Aitkins, fucking bollocks. Simple equation for weight loss: If Calories In is less than Calories used then you'll lose weight.

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