Tuesday, 13 December 2011

So much to do.....

The fatigue is mounting up today.

Working on my flat last night all went a bit wrong, these are the clear sign of me being tired:

Whilst taking the doors down to trim them a bit, I managed to get grease on my nice new ivory carpets, thankfully I had vanish to hand.
Whilst re-installing the heaters I managed to slice my knee open and not notice. Cue drips of blood all over my nice new ivory carpets. Thankfully I had a plaster and kitchen towel to hand.
Whilst putting the kick board back under the oven, I managed to re-open my skin flap on my left middle finger. My emergency plaster was already being used on my knee and a quick examination revealed that it need to stay there and definitely could not multi-task between the two wounds. Thankfully, next door had a spare plaster and I managed to have a nose around to see what the other flats look like.

Arse flaps. Most people pop next door for sugar or coffee (or so those media execs would have me believe). Me? I go for emergency medical assistance.
If Carlsberg did neighbours……? I think I’ll have tonight off, perhaps go to Sainsburys, after all, how wrong can it go whilst buying veg? Oooooohhh, Friday night excitement at its best!

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