Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Weekender rehashed

Last weekend was a great laugh.

Saturday I got a few more things done on the flat, including replacing a P-trap (that’s U-bend to you lot) which is an entirely unpleasant experience and put me off ever becoming a plumber. Mario, I got you through all of Donkey Kong and Wario’s temper tantrums, damned if I’m going to help you with the day job.

Then over to Mr Bergh’s house for a braai….. We found that lighting the fire was thirsty work and so had to crack open the beers by 2PM. 5 hours of cooking later: 2 beer can chickens, 2 pork shoulders, 1 lump of beef, all roasted in my Weber and then we bbq’d several million sausages, 2 steaks etc, etc, and I was knackered.

And then I drank a lot.

And then the JD and lime shooters came out.

9AM on Sunday I’m driving to the rugby sevens and feeling like absolute poo. Thankfully Mav, who organised this effort, had a few ticket disasters to cheer me up:

He had to return the tickets because they were the wrong colour
He then had to go back to work on Saturday to pick the new ones up from his desk due to Friday lunch time beer related memory loss.
He accidentally bought the more expensive tickets
On the wrong side of the pitch (shadey side)
Where there were NO women
And plenty of fat chuffers

So, we drank the watered down awful tasting bitter, then tried the lager to find it equally awful and then moved onto coke so at least we’d sugar rush. I don’t get it, prime rugby stadium, crap beer. Awful. At least the rugby was good.

The best bits:
I got asked for my autograph as did the other boys.
We played rugby with the Italian team
Mav got a Fijian autograph.
The Kiwis did the Haka for us.

Monday and I headed back to Southampton at a leisurely pace. Put up the shower, decided on a shower screen rather than a curtain, put up my clock and generally cleaned up. Tonight I’ll be sorting out a cover for the big ugly heater and will paint the tiles in the bathroom….. oh the excitement. So much excitement, I’m even dragging along a little helper in the form of a Hannabella……

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